Why Hygge Tipi Is Your Perfect Winter Warmer

Pigs in blankets, tinsel, snowmen and even an evergreen tree. There’s certain things which seem synonymous with this time of year. But we think there’s a pretty awesome new festive partnership to get behind – Hygge Tipi.

Our cosy Hygge Tipi is popping up all over Yorkshire this winter, and it’s connection to the festivities are closer than you might think.

Teepees are most commonly thought of as the dwellings of Native Americans, however they are just as prevalent among the indigenous peoples of Scandinavian countries. An example of these are the Sami people, who originated from the northernmost reaches of Scandinavia and Russia. As you can imagine, it gets rather nippy up there!

The Sami are nomadic people, who spend their lives rearing and herding reindeer. As such, they developed their own style of warm, cosy tipi which would withstand the harshest winters but could also be easily transported.

The teepees used by Sami families are called lávvu and are constructed with straight wooden poles leaned against each other and wrapped in a sheet. Crucially, there is a hole in the top of the tipi for smoke to escape from. With this in mind, we can assume that Sami teepees were places of warmth and comfort in the depths of winter, a place for families to gather around a roaring fire.

It’s this idea of the tipi as place for snugness and repose which so appeals to us, and we strive to bring another Nordic concept, hygge, to Yorkshire folk this winter. Hygge (pronounced ‘Hoo – guh’) is a mindset which looks to put comfort and happiness first.

Our tipi events have become very popular during the winter as their association with both cosiness and community continues to grow.

And really, what better way to gear up to Christmas than to spend some quality time with family and friends in a relaxed, friendly, warming space?

Hygge Tipi Huddersfield 17th November – 31st December 2017 


Hygge Tipi Halifax 25th November – 31st December 2017


Hygge Tipi Leeds- 24th November 2017 – 1st January 2018


Thank you to PG Designs for the awesome images.