• # A long time ago, we discovered that when people hold an event, they want it to be memorable. Crafting a moment in time that gives people a special feeling that will last forever!
  • # In 2011 Totally Tipi was born to do just that! We now have a little army of passionate and dedicated tipi lovers, constructors and organisers who collectively have years of experience and love for what they do.
  • # We have now been a special part of over 200 events around the UK and we feel privileged to have been integral to creating so many happy memories.
  • # We understand that with any important event it’s about taking a vision and making it a real life story. And we also know that you want your event to be unforgettable.
  • # We take enormous pride in the work we do, thats why we'll work with you to make your event exactly how you imagined it and more.

This is how we do it:

We stand strongly behind the notion that not all teepees are the same, they may look the same, smell the same and fit the same functional purpose but the love, passion and attention to detail that goes into them are very different.

Against our better judgement, we do sweat the small stuff!

  • We don’t want to just work with you, we want to be a part of your event, your story and your vision
  • We have 12 years of events experience within our team; a large chunk of them living and breathing teepees
  • We like to get to know each and every one of our customers. We want to be a part of your story and also help you write it. That’s one of the things we love about our job.
  • We know that the morning after matters too. That’s why we give you time to enjoy some final moments in your tipi before we pack it away.
  • We’re meticulous about things being neat, straight and tidy. Presentation is key. Every time.
  • We’re even particular about our tent pegs. We couldn’t find any we liked so we made our own, to enhance structural integrity!
  • We have a great little collection of trusted friends and suppliers to bring your whole event together. We’ll only recommend them to you based on trust that they’ll do a good job.
  • We make mistakes – hey, we’re human! – but you’d never know!

Meet the team

aka - Tipi lovers

  • 11888_totally_tipi_team_photos_x3_aw01_1


    aka Director, Tipi Lover and Full Time Organiser

    After working in design for 12 years Laura has a strong creative streak and a hawks eye for detail. Designing and travelling the world for big brands, her knowledge and skill in innovation and perfection has only strengthened.

    Laura’s passion and vision to make beautiful spaces are key to her role at Totally Tipi, taking each customer right from the initial enquiry through to the finishing touches of their event space. Being the Totally Tipi full time organiser, planner and creative genius she certainly has her work cut out, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Laura hates Goats’ cheese (with a passion) and loves cooking freestyle!

  • 11888_totally_tipi_team_photos_x3_aw01_2


    aka Director, Tipi Lover and Full Time Organiser

    Jay spent 12 years in the Motorsport events industry where the need for ‘neat, straight and tidy’ was engrained into him, this has only grown as is evident in all our Tipi events to date.

    He leads by example with his meticulous eye and absolute need for law and order and won’t take anything less than perfection!

    A bit of an eco-warrior, Jay has an interest in permaculture ethics and design which is apparent not just in the garden (his shed roof is planted up with salads in the summer months!) but in the business, too.

  • danny


    Crew Chief

    Danny joined Totally Tipi as King Constructor in 2014 after having led tipi crews elsewhere, building anything from small, one tipi events right up to an army of ten tipi giants.

    He has earned his name as King of Kit Care in the warehouse when not on site.

    Outside of work, he’s a bit of a Bear Grylls; wild solo camping, just one man, his stove and his Bivvy! He also has a thing for Coke Cola in an old-school glass bottle - he says it tastes better than from a can!
  • hannah


    Tipi Team Organiser

    Originally from Lincolnshire, Hannah finally settled in Leeds after a short stint in Liverpool and Italy for university and work. She worked in Motorsport on and off for 9 years before moving to Totally Tipi in 2015. Outside of work she looks after her toddler Joseph and husband Craig.

    Hannah's role is logistics, planning and ensuring the crew know where to be and when – the crew PA!
    She’s been fortunate enough to have travelled extensively throughout her working life and is proud to claim the cheapest wine she found was €1.50 a glass in Bratislava and says it was surprisingly very drinkable!

    Her favourite things to enjoy outside of work are wine, gin and books. Preferably all at the same time.

  • henry


    Electrics & transport whizz

    Henry is the Totally Tipi transport and electrical whizz. He spent much of his teenage years fascinated by the way things worked, meaning he could often be found taking things apart and then putting them back together.

    His curiosities lead him to Salford University where he studied professional sound and video technologies (plugging things in!). Joining the team soon after graduating he is now in charge of all things electric and the grand task of transport logistics.

    When his feet aren't firmly on the ground he's studying to be a pilot!
  • 11888_totally_tipi_team_photos_x3_aw01_3


    Warehouse Queen

    Abbie joined Totally Tipi as an apprentice in 2015 and is now fully qualified Tipi Lover! She’s the youngest member of the team but that doesn’t show in the abundance of informative paper reminders she leaves around the place for everyone!

    Abbie's role is to keep the warehouse organised inbetween events (which a huge job!), you’ll see her getting stuck into anything from washing our mats to giving the rustic furniture a bit of TLC.

    Abbie is a fanatic David Bowie fan and has a different hair colour every week. Recently her beloved Bowie mug broke into many fragments but luckily our handy Danny came to the rescue with super glue and saved the day – much to her delight!
  • john


    Chatty Man

    John has been a part of the Totally Tipi family since 2014, coming from a retail background his charisma and people skills are second to none. Always armed full of banter and never without his cheeky signature grin, there’s never a dull moment.

    John and his family are also neighbours to Jay and Laura who say if Carlsberg made neighbours…they’d be the ones!
  • lennon


    The Totally Tipi Pooch

    Lennon is just like any of our human team members! He just loves being part of the TT family. He’s getting to be an old boy now so most days can often be found snoozing in his favourite spot in the office

    He loves to collect shoes and present them to their owners when he wants walkies. That’s a skill learnt over years! Unlike our teepees, he’s scared of the wind and most things in life!

Ask the wise old owl

How many people can I fit in my tipi?

We would recommend 50 guests for one Giant as a general rule of thumb, so 100 is a nice number for two Giants. If you’re having a sit down meal, it is possible to go up to 120 in this space. As a guide, up to 150 seated is good for three Giants and 200 for four. Each of our events is so unique and so are the guest numbers. Just ask us for details on capacity based on  your specific plans and we’ll be happy to advise what will work for a comfortable space.

Where can I put your teepees?

Tipi venues can vary from a simple field or a back garden, to fully serviced venue with on-site accommodation and facilities. Take a look at some of our locations here.

See full set of FAQs

The right space for you

We know that every event is special in its own way

That’s why all of our tipi spaces can be personalised just the way you want them, with trimmings galore or adding another Giant to the festivities. Our Price Guides are there to demonstrate just how tailored our pricing can be, giving you an idea of why we don’t offer set packages... Talk to us about anything tipi See Price Guides for examples