A little bit about them...

Whatever you'd like to call them – tipis, teepees, tepees (but certainly not wigwams!) they are – essentially – our babies.

A tipi is durable, cool in summer, warm in winter, derived from the simple cone-shaped frame of wooden poles covered with animal hides, with an opening at the top to let out smoke.

Our Giants

Our beautiful Giants are the original Nordic teepees that took inspiration from the kåta, the traditional home of the semi-nomadic Sami people.

These charming teepees can be used for almost any event and are the perfect alternative to a marquee. It’s the fact that their sides raise, which makes our teepees so versatile and our tried and tested methods of linking them together make for beautiful space with no limits on size.

But, we know that our Giants are just a small part of your story. See below for more details...
The centrepiece of many of our events is the Giant (sometimes called a Kata). An impressive and imposing structure even on their own, these can be joined together in a modular way to make even larger spaces.

As with all our Scandinavian designed teepees, the fabric cover is thick, tough, inherently waterproof and breathable and all the poles are made from solid, de-barked tree trunks that are typically over 100 years old when felled in Norway.


  • Diameter: 10.3 meters
  • Height: 7.4m
  • Capacity: approximately 50-60
  • Uses: parties, weddings and events!
notes-tree deer-tail-wag
  • The beauty
    is in the

    Those little touches are what makes your tipi event unique and personal to you. From bespoke tables and chairs to twinkling fairly lights we can add the magic to your tipi. Get your groove on with our dance floors or stay cosy by our selection of indoor or outdoor fireplaces. See our trimmings
  • Set the atmosphere with some table décor

    The décor is not just about the colour scheme and arranged flowers; it creates and sets the scene for all events. So why not experiment with different types of table décor from flowers, to candles and even vases. We often refer to table centrepieces as a finishing touch whether it be simple or elegant it will light up your event. See our trimmings
  • Impress your guests

    You want your guests to feel comfortable, so table arrangement and seating plans could be an important factor to consider. We can help you design the perfect table setting for your guests to enjoy. We can assist you from the chairs, to the cutlery and the tables themselves. See our trimmings
  • Setting the scene

    Being unique and providing your guests with something different and exciting is key to your event. Lighting sets the mood and can create storytelling images to add to your memory book. Once you know the scene you want we can assist you to bring the scene to life to set the mood to add some fire! See our trimmings
  • Add a little extra

    The help of small details can make your event that extra special and personal. We can help create unique elements to your event this can go from furniture to flowers to blankets. Make your guests feel special by adding that little extra touch. See our trimmings

See the happy for yourself

Ask the wise old owl

How much do your teepees cost and what’s included?

Every event we craft is unique, so we don’t have a set price or package. Instead, we listen to your requirements and will design a tailor-made quotation around those. We have a range of tipi accompaniments – or ‘Trimmings’ as we call them! – including lighting, a range of dance floors, bars, tables, real indoor smokeless fires and our own exclusive bespoke furniture; everything you need to transform a tipi into your dream venue! To get some pricing for your event and make an enquiry, give us a call!

Does someone from Totally Tipi stay with us during our event?

If you’d prefer we took expert care of the teepees during your event, then you can hire our Man On Site – just ask us for details. For help with running your event on the day or with order of service for weddings, we have some recommendations of people who can help, here.

Generally, once we’ve finished building your Giants, we will run through a few pointers with you about how to care for them and the fires, if applicable. Don’t worry though, it’s nothing scary!

Do you have teepees up at your HQ so we can come and see them?

When our Giants are not being used for events they’re being given some TLC or lovingly packed away safe and sound. Our Open weekends are where we style the space with some of our trusted suppliers to show off its beauty and potential. It’s a great opportunity to meet us and get a feel for us as people, as well as the beautiful spaces we can create for you.

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