5 Things Event Professionals Cannot Live Without

Wedding and event planning essentials from some of our industry friends.

We love getting to know our network of industry friends and professionals.  We called some of them up to ask what helps them get through an event planning day and if they had to choose, what’s the one thing they couldn’t be persuaded to live without?

Laura Brown | Events manager at Yummy Yorkshire 

Event planning- Laura at Yummy Yorkshire

“As an Events Manager one of the things I absolutely can’t live without is a good old fashioned notebook and pen (ohhhh and coffee!). In a world where the majority of our planning and communication is dominated by email and social media interaction, I still absolutely LOVE a face to face meeting, and for me my notebook and pen signify this. I genuinely don’t think you can beat a chat over a coffee, another thing I can’t live without! Meeting, sharing and capturing ideas with clients and amazing collaborators gives me butterflies; I love turning event dreams into reality. I know it’s sad but I keep all my handwritten notes, I love to look back at them and see how a joint vision has evolved.”

Peter Moulam | Owner at PJ Taste

Event planning- Peter of PJ Taste

“Our passion is to delight our guests with deliciously creative, locally produced food. Being lucky enough to grow all our own edible flowers, unusual salads and herbs I can never leave for an event without a chilled box of special garnishes. This may include beautiful white and blue borage flowers, multi hued nasturtiums, or colourful rays from a selection of rare sunflowers. Delicate herbs such as salad burnet, basil and chervil benefit from being picked fresh on the day of the event and early morning harvesting is always a special time.”

Kath Mardles | Director at Buzz

Event planning- Kath Mardles and her team at Buzz

“The ‘thing’ I couldn’t live without to do my job is, my team, aka the ‘Dream Team’. When we plan and deliver a wedding or event creche, each person involved is as passionate about their area as they are experts in it. Paula, for example is the best event organiser I have ever worked with. Her constantly ‘can do’ attitude, responsive approach to planning, meticulous attention to detail and somewhat quirky fact that she retains information like a robot makes her an inspiring event planner. Our creche workers have the same passion, love for their job and can do attitude, they genuinely care about each and every creche they run and each and every child they meet. And then there’s the wider members of the team that aren’t actually working on a particular creche but are still happy to go up and down stairs, gathering equipment and packing cars up. I thank my lucky stars every day for the people I work with!”

Maryanne of  Maryanne Scott Photography

Event planning- Maryanne Scott photographer

” I couldn’t be without is my emergency kit at weddings. You’d think being a wedding photographer that it would be my camera, but being a professional you can safely assume that’s always going to be with me. So the next important thing is this kit. Because I’m generally with the bride and groom for about 10 hours, I’m usually the first one to know of any problems. It includes some of the most important things… hair grips ( hair falls down or veils fall out), plasters (new wedding shoes and hot feet don’t mix well), lipgloss, suncream, paracetamol and a brolly!”

Sarah Richardson| Owner at Leafy Couture

Event planning- A floral installation by Leafy Couture

” As a wedding florist we work on large scale installations and try to be creative in many ways. We use a large tool kit and often have specific pieces built to help with our floral installations. Time and time again the thing that we cannot leave the workshop with out is cable ties. I have no idea who invented them but they are a huge part of how we secure our big floral installations. We use them to secure foam to structures and often join them up and have tons of different sizes.”

We hope this gives you an insight into the people behind some fab companies that we rate very highly. Visit our Useful Stuff page to check out some more of our trusted friends who can make your event the place where Where Happy Happens!